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Captain Steve Utley is a fully licensed and certified Texas fishing guide. He specializes in shallow water kayak fishing and scenic kayak trips based out of Corpus Christi, Texas. Guiding his clients in fishing for redfish, speckled trout and flounder in the shallow waters from Bird Island Basin to Shamrock Cove is his passion. He also runs guided fishing trips using his Ranger Banshee Extreme which he calls his “kayak with a key”. The Banshee Extreme is perfectly suited for fly fishing or light tackle fishing in skinny water and, unlike a kayak, you don’t have to paddle to get there.

Captain Utley is a Guide Member of the Federation of Fly Fishers, is the first in the state of Texas to complete the Wildlife Guide Certification program offered by the Corpus Christi Convention and Visitors Bureau, and was recently awarded the Conservation Stewardship Award by the Coastal Bend Bays Foundation.

Guided Kayak Fishing Corpus Christi

Guided Kayak Fishing

Whether you are a first time or experienced kayak angler, Captain Steve can help you plan your next kayak fishing trip. If it is your first time kayaking, he will teach you all he can about how to enjoy kayaking and how to be safe on the water while doing it.
Guided Boat Fishing Corpus Christi

Guided Boat Fishing

For those that like the shallow water fishing without the paddle, Blue Heron Adventures offers skinny water boat trips in our Ranger Banshee Extreme. Whether your interest is in fly fishing or fishing with light tackle this boat will be the perfect transport.
Guided Fly Fishing Corpus Christi

Guided Fly Fishing

Fly fishers will have a blast sightcasting to redfish in the shallows. Little can match the excitement of casting to a tail, seeing that fish turn to consider your lure, then decide to take it. It never gets old. The Ranger Banshee is perfectly outfitted for one on one fly fishing.
Guided Wildlife Trips Corpus Christi

Wildlife Tours

Nature lovers will be astounded at the variety and number of creatures they can observe paddling through the inland bays and waterways. Dolphins, marine life, and birds birds birds abound in these areas that are accessible only by kayak or shallow water skiff.
Coastal Bend Bays Foundation 2010 Stewardship Award for Captain Steve Utley      Captain Steve Utley is a Corpus Christi Certified Wildlife Guide      Captain Steve Utley is a Federation of Fly Fishers Guide      Roy's Bait and Tackle   Captain Steve Utley is an Official Partner with the Corpus Christi Convention & Visitor's Bureau

Steve, Had a great time fishing with you on 11/5/10. My first really good fly action on Texas Reds and all 22-26in. Great boat, too. It’s amazing how skinny that thing will go. Give you a shout next time I’m around. Thanks, Dave

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